This year is a little different for us and our 25 days of kindness & giving because although I still run a daycare, the ages of my children are really different. Last year, I had only school-aged children, and this year I have several babies and toddlers. So getting away during the day to go out and give is going to take some major creativity.

Because of that, we have decided to make the most of our weekends!

Today, (saturday) for Claire’s third day of kindness & giving we went to Montgomery Village and Claire picked two kids off the Secret Santa Giving Tree inside Copperfield’s Books. We also bought the books on those two kids lists.

img_0004  img_0007

Claire also donated to the “Fawn Rescue”….


The Secret Santa Marathon (a collection that’s raising funds to help pay for secret santa efforts in our area.)….

img_9999 img_0002

And a bell ringer too!


Happy day 3 of 25 everyone!