This morning our elves, Holly and Hufflepuff arrived with a letter from Santa and a advent calendar filled with “Giving Tasks” for Claire. She has committed to doing 25 days of giving…and spreading holiday cheer.

santa helping letter 1 jpeg

Today she completed day 1 of 25 — picking a child from the Secret Santa tree and fulfilling their wish.

Claire picked a little girl — just her age — who asked for shoes and clothes. (I of course took the opportunity to discuss with Claire the fact that she has never had to ask Santa for basic necessitates and how blessed she is.)  Then we  went shopping. Claire was very intense about her search for just the right outfits. They all needed to my cute, comfy and match lol. 

She picked out some sweats, a pair of leggings, a long sleeved shirt, a warm fleece jacket (very much like the one she’s wearing now…guess she has a type), fuzzy boots and toy — even though the little girl didn’t ask for one. Because Claire thinks everyone should get a toy AND be warm.

I completely agree 😍

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