Today, for Claire’s 16th day of giving she was asked to bring a little joy to the babies in the NICU (neonatal intensive-care unit ) for Christmas. 

Our family has a soft spot for premies because of my first set of surrogate twins. One of Claire’s favorite things at The Children’s Museum is the NICU setup in the medical area. When the Surro-twins were in the actual NICU Claire loved seeing all the decorated little  incubators. Most parents brought in little stuffed toys to decorate their CHILD’S space. It made an otherwise sad situation a little brighter.

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But not all the incubators were decorated, due to the finical costs associated with having a baby in the NICU, or the fact that some moms and dads are too busy/sick themselves to go out and get something. We noticed that lots of the nursing staff took time to make art with markers or hang donated baby blankets on the incubators for the families that couldn’t bring something in themselves.

And with that in mind, Claire went shopping. She decided she wanted to get something tiny and cute — like the NICU babies. So she donated 4 beanie boos (a FAVORITE stuffed toy of Claire’s. She used to get them after having shots when she was little or an ear infection…I guess she associates them with being sick).


For obvious reasons we couldn’t go into the NICU and visit the babies, but the nurse that came out to meet us assured Claire that there were several teeny babies that would be really excited to get a new soft toy for Christmas.