I can’t believe Claire is already on her 17th day of giving out of 25!!! (I also can’t believe that Christmas is only 8 days away! I seriously need to wrap some gifts and finish my shopping,) The past two and a half weeks have flown by in a whirl of amazing lessons and great moments with my daughter. I know she’s been helping others, but it feels like she’s been helping me most of all. Seeing her give and watching her care has been the biggest source of joy for me. 

But, I;m not the only one enjoying Claire’s tasks. Today she got to give a little something sweet to a whole lot of kids….


Her 17th task was to hand out chocolate kisses. 🍫💋 

So we borrowed a little mistletoe and bought some Hershey’s kisses at the store and set to work. I can’t be positive, but I”m pretty sure Claire was the most popular kid at school pick ups today. (If there was someone getting more smiles, I didn’t see them 😄) Altogether she handed out 127 kisses!!!!!

47***Anyone else loving the fact that she’s handing out Christmas candies in a Halloween bucket??? 😂 Such a goofy little lady.