Today for Claire’s 18th day of giving she donated money to a bell ringer. Her task was small and we didn’t take photos, because she had dental work done this morning and due to her severe anxiety disorders (and aversion to loud noises) dental work is a source of major stress for my poor little one.

She has to be heavily sedated and it lasts nearly all day. But after 5-6 hours of sleeping on the couch I got her up and she merrily donated all the change she could find from around the house and in the car. She was stable on her feet but still a little loopy. The bell ringer got a major kick out of her long winded explanation about why it took us soooooo long to get there. 😏

….As if we had an appointment time and had let him down in some way. lol.

I was like, “Don’t mind her, she’s currently a little bit drugged up.” 😆