AHHHHHHH. It’s only four days until Christmas! Is anyone else feeling just a bit crazy?? I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. But it’s still a bit overwhelming to pull off. 😆

Which is why today’s elf task was especially amazing.

For Claire’s 21st day of giving she was asked to “make someone’s day brighter.” And I’m 1,000,000% excited to say, she asked if it could be ME!

I was like, “heck yes it can!” 😜

When she asked what she could do to make my day brighter, and I told her I had lots of cleaning to do. She offered to help right away. Which of course made my day. (Helping is always nice, but helping with a smile is the best!)


In addition to her regular chores she also did laundry, watched Lindsay while I cleaned bathrooms and helped put away and load the dishes. And I gotta tell you, it really DID make my day brighter lol. 😍😍😍😍