Today for Claire’s 22nd day of giving she was asked to bring candies to doctors and nurses.

I asked her where she wanted to bring them, since there were a lot of options. We discussed going to her pediatric office or my OB/delivery doctors office -Claire was there for her little sister Lindsay’s birth and she still talks about my doctor. But she decided on going to the E.R. at one of out local hospitals.

She’s only ever been to the E.R. once when she was little and had a bad ear infection on the weekend, but they gave her a teddy bear and it left a good impression.


So we went shopping for candies again! (Seriously we must look like we have a sugar addiction to the grocery store clerks, we practically live in the candy isle.)

Then, we brought the candies to the nurses and doctor in the emergency room. (Well to the check in window anyway. Hopefully they got where they were supposed to go lol. The receptionist looked super excited😊)