Only two days to go. In our house today is affectionately known as Christmas Eve, Eve…or the Eve of Christmas Eve I suppose. Which means today is the last day to get anything and everything DONE. 

The 14th of December means family time is in full effect. No cell phone zoning out or epic Netflixing. It’s officially holiday time. So with that in mind, we set out to fulfill task number 23. Today she was asked to give the gift of time …

Otherwise known as filling parking meters with change. (Which I’ve heard isn’t exactly legal?!?!?)

I suppose I could have asked my sorta brother-in-law Officer Brian, what the deal was with doing it, but I didn’t. I mean what kind of grinchy cop was going to give a lady holding a baby and an 8 year old a ticket? 😜

Needless to say we didn’t linger long at any one meter and we didn’t take photos of us “breaking the law” 😁