Happy Christmas Eve!!!

For Claire’s 24th day of giving she was asked to give a compliment to everyone she talked to today.

It was incredibly sweet because she put so much thought into each compliment she gave. She’s much more aware of the talents and special traits of the people around her than I realized. Her compliments always included something personal, like “I love you, and I think you’re a very talented artist.” or “You are always kind and you’re really good at running fast.” 

And if she realized after the fact, that she hadn’t given someone she saw a compliment she insisted on calling them or texting them so she could give them their compliment. I think I enjoyed that even more than when she remembered. The person would answer the phone like, “Didn’t I just see you?” and then Claire’s little voice would be there telling them she loves them and they have beautiful eyes.

It was very heartwarming to hear her give out compliments all day. She even got several compliments back 😊


***The little reindeer is an elf pet. If you give it enough love and spread enough holiday spirit it will become real on Christmas Eve and help pull Santa’s sleigh. I’m fairly certain Claire has earned Cuddles the reindeer a place on Santa’s sleigh team this year. (This is our second year with Cuddles and if your family loves the Elf on the Shelf as much as our family does, I highly suggest asking Santa for an elf pet. They are a snuggly good time.)