10406672_4988814255915_1908689165230249098_nShannon McCarthy is the creator of Raising Kids That Care. She is also a wife, mother and work-at-home, childcare provider. She loves spending time with her awesome husband and two amazing daughters. Her hobbies include, planning trips she can’t afford, pinning DIY projects she doesn’t have time for, and wielding a lightsaber.

Shannon can often be found in her pajamas, baby-wearing and feeding the never-ending collection of animals her eight-year-old finds/adopts/begs for. Her blog posts focus mainly on, becoming an “accidental urban farmer”, homeschooling, and all things parenting — but, due to her highly distractible nature and enthusiasm for all things Disney and Pixar, she can’t promise random posts won’t pop up.

Join in the discussion on breast-feeding, learn about cloth diaper in the 21st century, and watch as Shannon battles daily with cleaning her messy house….*spoiler alert* she’s totally losing the war.

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