The Signing Time movies have been a part of our video collection since Claire was a baby. When Claire was only 3 years old, she knew over 300 signs. Although no one in our family is deaf, we found it amazingly helpful to be able to communicate with her in two ways. Claire has always been a very emotionally sensitive person and it’s key to have good communication when talking things through with her. ASL helped us so much when she was a toddler.

Now she is sharing her love for Alex, Leah, Hopkins, Rachel and the Signing Time videos with her baby sister Lindsay. (Lindsay is only 15 months.)

So when we logged on to and saw that you could donate to the Signing Time Foundation, we couldn’t think of a better giving opportunity for the week!!! The Signing Time Foundation’s goal is to make sign language accessible and fun for every kid. Which we absolutely support.

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