Today Claire and I cleaned out the playroom and our closets. Not only did we purge some good quality donations…but we also freed up a bunch of needed space. And in my book that’s win, win! I asked Claire were she wanted to donate the things we bagged up and we had a nice discussion about it.

Earlier this year we gave things to The Living Room, a local Women and children’s Shelter, The Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, and the Forgotten Felines thrift shop that helps fund their work spaying, nurturing and caring for feral cats.

I asked if she wanted to donate to a new location/project or help out of the places we’ve helped before. She said she wanted to help someone find a job. this didn’t really surprise me. She’s been asking about homelessness lately and we talked about how losing a job or not having a job can be a real struggle for some.

I didn’t know where to donate women and kids clothes and some toys to help people with career help, so I googled it. And you know what??? The Good Will offers career training and help with job placements. Who knew? (Ok, probably a lot of people knew that…but, I wasn’t one of them.) So off we went, with our bags of toys and clothes to donate.

***Claire said we were like the Grinch that brought back Christmas. I fully agreed.

IMG_6235  IMG_6236