It’s no secret that Claire loves animals. When she isn’t playing with her own animals, she’s either learning about them from books and animal planet or begging the nearest adult to find her an animal video online. In fact, finding informative and “kid friendly” animal videos and books is the majority of my homeschool prep lately. For the last few weeks Claire has chosen a new animal to research and write a report on…which solves two issues around our house.

  1. Working on writing, spelling and sentence structure.
  2. Feeding Claire’s never-ending need to learn more about animals.

So far she’s researched bats, bears, spiders, ostrich, beavers and flamingos. And this week while watching a Wild Kratts episode on her animal-of-the-week (geckos), she saw an ocelet — also known as a dwarf leopard. She was immediately hooked. Not that I can blame her, it’s a pretty cute wild cat.

Anyway, in order to keep her on tract — writing about just one animal per week — I suggested that we make the ocelot our research animal for next week, BUT that we help the ocelots out with our giving this week. (since their population is decreasing.)

And what do you know, one of our favorite organizations, The World Wildlife Fund, offered the perfect opportunity.

Claire was able to put $25, of the $26.26 she earned from recycling this week towards helping adopt an ocelot.

She’s very excited. And like always, I’m very proud.

IMG_6263 IMG_6241