Yesterday Claire and I had a very important talk about “people in need” and what that phrase even means. I know Claire is young, but I feel it’s incredibly important for me to shine a light on the fact that homeless people aren’t the only people in our area who are hungry and in need of help.

We started our discussion by talking about the discounted lunch program in her school district. I told her that the schools (and I) firmly believe, that even if moms and dads can’t afford to pay for food — or for the whole cost of food — that their kids should still get a healthy breakfast and lunch to eat at school each day.

…Claire, being Claire, interjected with the fact that school lunches aren’t always healthy and she thinks they taste bad. (She’s had 3 school lunches in her life…none went well.) Smirking Face on Apple iOS 9.3 I had to agree with her points, but asked her if she’d rather eat that or nothing at all. She was confused and said, “I’d rather you make me a lunch”.

I explained that some families can’t afford to buy lunch foods and make their kids. And even though they aren’t homeless, they’re still in need. And if no one helps them, they could become homeless.

She thought about that for a little while, then asked me how we could help. (I think she’s onto me 😊) but she’s always happy to give and that makes me so happy.

I brought her over to the computer and showed her the website for, No Kid Hungry. For now we are donating $50 of our garage sale money, but we might do another fund raiser later this year since they offer that option too.