Last Friday we were lucky enough to take a field trip out to the coast. We joined the Stewards of the Redwoods and a few local homeschool groups and went to the Shell Beach tide pools. While we were there, the Stewards taught the kids all about the coastline and how important and delicate these tide pools are.

It was truly a wonderful and memorable experience…even though it’s a serious trek down to the beach (I’m talking more stairs than my fitbit has had to count in a LONG time) and an ankle-twisting hike over an extremely rocky patch of land to get there. But, the kids smiling faces and excitement were totally worth it! I can’t wait to go back.

To help ensure that our beloved coast stays as clean and cared for as possible, for this weeks giving, Claire and I have chosen to donate to the Stewards of the Redwoods. Their mission is to educate and inform people about our local state parks through marine education, campfire programs, Junior Ranger activities, guided redwood ecology nature walks, watershed, cultural history and tidepool education programs. And they help fund restoration projects too.

Claire is wild about nature, and helping keep it safe is right up her alley. Maybe one day she will be a Steward! 😊


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