This weekend our family went camping at Lake Shasta. The kids LOVED being out in nature 24 hours a day. We took nature walks, swam in the lake, rode in the boat, stared at the stars and just enjoyed being together without TV and video games.

One of the highlights of our trip were the two animal shows our campground hosted. One was by the animals and trainers at Turtle Bay, and one was put on by Shasta Wildlife Rescue.

Claire of course LOVED the animals and shows. She had lots of questions and afterwards she wouldn’t stop talking about the things she learned and how the bird almost knocked her dads hat off when he flew over our heads — “He was THAT close!”

So when we got home, Claire knew exactly were she wanted her weekly giving efforts to go.

We logged onto their website and found a couple ways to donate. In the end we decided on Claire becoming a student member for $20. As a members she will receive the  “Call of the Wild”news letter, and her money goes towards helping fund their cause….

“Shasta Wildlife volunteers provide food and medical care to over 100 different species of birds, mammals and reptiles from all over Northern California. Each year our volunteers care for 1000 or more injured, orphaned, and sick animals with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. There are numerous expenses that we incur to care for these animals. We spend over $15,000.00 in expenses per year on food alone.”

She’s thrilled to help and I’m thrilled she wants to 🙂