This year Claire spent several months in Ms. Waud’s class at Sequoia Elementary. Although she finished the year as a homeschooler, we still adore Ms. Waud. She is kind, patient and so good with Claire. (And according to Claire, she’s an amazing artist and art teacher 😍).

When I asked Claire if she wanted to do anything special for Ms. Waud before school ended this year she immediately said YES!

Claire ended up making her a very nice card, and giving her some Soap Cauldron soaps and lotions, (a local company that I adore). Then we brought them to her classroom for a quick hug and in-person “thank you”.

I absolutely LOVE homeschooling Claire, but I’m so glad their are amazing teachers like Ms. Waud out there. We were blessed  to have her as a part of Claire’s education and life.