Father’s Day around our house is a big event. Partially because Dave is the best daddy ever to his little girls, and partially because we know how much he misses his dad and we want his day to be extra special. One of Claire’s favorite parts is shopping for daddy…which might be due to the fact that Dave still likes toys, er, “collectables” 😝.

This year though, I told Claire that Daddy had already picked out a gift for himself, (a special release figure he ordered a few weeks ago). Instead of shopping, I told her we were just going to make him a card and breakfast like always, but skip the gifts.

She seemed cool with it…for a few days.

But when I asked her about her weekly giving, she said she wanted to give daddy something. (She sneaky like that.) So I reminded her that her yard sale money was gone, and that daddy wouldn’t want me spending our money on someone who wasn’t really in need.

She seemed ok with it…for like two seconds, then she said, “I’ll use my money to give then.” (She out sneaked me.)

I laughed and told her we could go shopping with her allowance. It made her VERY happy. Plus it was kind of hard to insist she give to someone in need, when its her money. I’m just grateful that she wanted to spend it on someone she loves instead of buying herself a toy or new iPad app. 😄

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