This week’s giving project is a few days late because we had to make an appointment.

For anyone who knows Claire — or has even seen a photo of her — it’s pretty obvious her most defining feature is her hair. She is nine and a half years old and has never cut it, aside from her bangs. When it’s down it touches the backs of her knees!! And is even longer wet since she has a bit of curl.

For years, whenever anyone asks me, “which one is your daughter?” my response has always been, “the one with the long hair.” and immediately they know who I’m talking about. But tonight that all changes.


For almost as long as Claire’s had hair, we’ve joked with her about cutting it all off. And she 1,000% refused to do it! I don’t know if it was because she liked the way it looked, or the compliments she got EVERYWHERE she went, or that it was unique to have such long hair, but whatever her reason, she was adamant about keeping her mile long hair.

Truthfully I never minded all the extra work that went into maintaining her lovely locks, because I think they are beautiful…and I love curling them around and around and around my hand when she stands in front of me.


Not to mention, she’s incredibly good about letting me “maintain” her hair. She doesn’t love getting it brushed or washed — because no one likes fighting tangles — but, she never fights me or protests. She’s always accepted that it’s part of having long hair. Just like having a braid and tea tree oil EVERY DAY when she went to public school was mandatory. (I lived in absolute fear of lice!…four feet of hair through a lice comb??? I’d die.) But even when I don’t make her put it up, she seems to put it up — and over — everything!









Even still, Claire’s hair is so much a part of her and she’s been so determined to keep it, that I never expected her to want to cut it. But last week when I chopped 8-9 inches off my own hair, she announced that her hair itched her back and she was tired of putting it up at night so it would stay out of her face. I asked if she wanted to cut it. She said she did, so I explained that unless she went VERY short it would always tickle her shoulders and back. She said that was ok too.

And today was THE day.

Which brings us to her giving for the week, she is donating her cut hair to Beautiful Lengths, a charity by Pantene. (We were all set to do Locks of Love, but were told they charge children for their wigs.) Now the hair she adored for the last nine years will bring joy to someone new. And because the minimum donation is only 10 inches, and she’s donating 24 inches, maybe two kids will get hair pieces out of her generosity.


I love her new hair, but not as much as I love her big heart

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