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This week Claire was inspired to give based on her love for butterflies!!! (And National Pollinators Week.)

We’ve spent the last few months working little by little to improve our backyard. It’s been a lot of hard work, but our family efforts are starting to pay off. This past weekend we managed to get our “fairy hill” fully weeded and mulched. Now we just need some plants…and Claire wants to plant a butterfly garden.

But, when we went online to find the best native butterfly plants for our area, we were saddened to learn that Monarch butterfly migration is at risk, because their food source (milkweed) is being destroyed. Claire asked right away if we could plant nothing but milkweed lol, but I told her that might not be enough to help.

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So we researched it and found a way to help save two acres of milkweed habitat for just $35 — by donating to The Environmental Defense Fund, while the High Meadow Foundation was matching donations.

Claire is very excited about helping nation wide, but we will probably plant some milkweed that is native to our area too. And some butterfly nectar plants too 🙂


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