Claire was given the opportunity to pick her own act of giving this week… (Because I was swamped with work, blog posts and 4H responsibilities lol) …she picked to help the Little Blue Penguins on Penguin Island, in Australia.

I’ll be 1,000% honest and say, that I wished we could go back to Australia and help the Penguins directly — because who wouldn’t want to go to Penguin Island, it’s spectacular! But, unfortunately it wasn’t in the giving budget.


So instead we hit the Internet and searched for a more cost effective way to help. We found several sites that had was to help or donate to the Little Blue Penguins, but Claire chose to help the efforts being made by The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife in Australia. Since 2003, their foundation has successfully assisted in the conservation of the LAST breeding colony of Little Penguins on the New South Wales mainland. However in 2015  a fox got into the colony and killed 27 Little Penguins — a fact that broke Claire’s heart.


Luckily they were able to run a Go Fund Me campaign and raise enough money to fox proof the colony against further attacks. But rebuilding the Little Penguin colony will take a lot of time, effort and money, so Claire has joined in their cause. She is now a VERY proud member of the National Parks & Wildlife in Australia, and an even prouder (if that’s possible) sponsor of the last Little Blue Penguin colony on the New South Wales mainland.