Earlier this week we got an update from the EDF (Environmental Defense Fund), about our donation two weeks ago. They wrote to let us know that the efforts to maintain and save Monarch Butterfly habitat across their migration route are going great! The letter said, ” I was pleasantly surprised to not only find some fairly high quality milkweed habitat for monarchs, but also to see some monarch caterpillars, butterflies and even a monarch chrysalis!”

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.21.09 PM

It really made our day.

It also reminded Claire of her epic butterfly garden plans. (so did spending the week at the Sonoma County Fair doing 4H projects and playing in the butterfly hut.)

…so back to the Internet we went to research the best milkweeds seeds for our area and the best nectar producers. Along the way we learned a lot about what makes a good butterfly garden (and that it might be a little late in the season to plant one… 😏). But the best thing we found was, a site that sold bulk milkweed seeds and helped you find the best species for your area.

We ordered 2,000 seeds (Claire has big plans for sharing them.) and we clicked the button to “spread the love” — where the site gives out seeds in your name to charitable efforts and people who can’t afford to purchase their own seeds. 😊

All of this made Claire VERY happy… And her friends at the Sonoma County Fair Butterfly Hut, were very impressed with her efforts too. 🐛