This week Claire’s giving was inspired by her friend Evan. We’ve been following his love for the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation and we are hooked.

Claire loves seeing all the big cats happy and cared for on Facebook and Instagram.

Black Jaguar-White Tiger helps rescue animals in need from circuses, breeding facilities and pet owners that can’t properly (or legally) care for them. They provide them with a home, proper diet, medical care, and a life of dignity and love for the rest of their lives. So far they’ve rescued over 210 big cats — including Jaguars, Tigers, Leopards, Lynxes, Lions, Pumas and more.

Claire is well aware than not every animal should be a pet, and the pets that we do have should be cared for in a way that respects how they fell and comes as close to their natural habitat as possible. Which means although she would LOVE to hold her Red Eyed Tree Frog and Tokay Gecko…they would not like it, so we respect that and leave them in their humid terrariums instead. It’s also the reason her chickens and ducks rule our backyard, digging up what they please and destroying my plants…because as annoying as it is, they deserve to be safely free to roam. After all, animals (especially those you’ve chosen to care for) should have the best life you can give them.

That’s why this week she donated $25 to the cause, and bought a tee shirt with her favorite rescued cat on it. (Matzu the Jaguar.)

It’s wonderful to see Claire acknowledging proper treatment of animals AND getting involved with a movement that helps better their lives.


***Post updated on 8/5/2016 to add photo of Claire in her new favorite shirt 🙂