Over the last two weeks we have spent a TON of time at the Sonoma County Fair. Because of the fact that Claire participates in 4H, we either have to spend the whole day at the fair, or go over three times throughout the day to clean cages, sweep floors, check food and water supply, bring frozen water bottles for the rabbit and generally make sure he’s doing ok. It’s a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

IMG_7091 IMG_7062 IMG_7050

And even though we practically lived at the fair, we it didn’t actually SEE much of the fair (besides the fur & feathers barn)…So we went back for a family trip too.

Basically it was fair, fair, fair and more fair the last ten days.

Which got me thinking, and you know what? The fair ain’t cheap!!!

So in honor of the fun and expensive fair experience we’ve had, we decided to treat another fair to free fair tickets.


I think they were incredibly confused (they didn’t speak much english, and my Spanish is terrible) they kept asking if they could give us money. Such nice people! But Claire handed them the tickets and told them to have fun.