Earlier this week Claire hosted a Perfectly Posh online party. I signed up to sell it as a way to help generate funds for Claire’s giving…okay, okay — and to get a discount on the products we love. The plan was to host a few parties and use all my profits (20% of all sales) to fund Claire’s giving. I figured maybe we would sell a hundred dollars or so, and make $20. Boy was I wrong!

In just over 10 days Claire made $355 in sales (not including tax and shipping) and earned $71 towards her giving!!! (Plus several orders are still going through and she will have over $125 when it’s all said and done!)

We were so blown away with everyone’s support and generosity to help her give. We truly could not have made our 30th week of giving so wonderful without you all!

So without further ado…I present Claire’s weekly giving.

This week she decided to help out foster kids with their school supplies. Not only was it fun but it also gave us a chance to do some back-to-school shopping. (Since we homeschool now, we don’t need a new backpack or lunchbox.)

IMG_7568 IMG_7567

Claire wanted to purchase everything she could get her hands on, but I steered her towards the essentials lol.

By the end of her shopping trip she had a cart full of goodies and a huge smile on her face. (Even Lu was getting excited.)

IMG_7570 IMG_7572

Once we got home, she spread out her purchases and made a thank you video for everyone that helped fund this weeks giving.


And today we delivered it all to Sleep Train — but not before we got a special delivery from our friend Amanda. She brought us three backpacks filled with school supplies and a whole bunch of binders, folders and other school goodies.


Our hearts are bursting with happiness! Thank you everyone for encouraging Claire with your support! We just know you’ll love your Posh purchases too!

Help fund Claire's giving...._