Two weeks ago when Claire and I went shopping for flood victim supplies, we had a long chat about why they needed our help. During our conversation Claire asked me if the people were homeless now, and I told her “sorta”.

I tried my best to explain that what happened was awful and very sad, but that hopefully once the flooding stopped and enough aid was given, these people would have homes to go back to or rebuild. I also told her, that even if they do lose their homes they might have family or friends they can stay with while they figure out what to do next.

I tried to be as tactful as possible when I explained most homeless people don’t have those options. I also said, there are many reason someone might be homeless and we should never judge someone for being homeless.

I thought that was the end of it.

But Claire must have logged the conversation away and stewed on it for awhile, because friday afternoon – while I was getting off work, arranging to drop off wedding supplies to my dad (for my little brothers wedding the next day) and wrangling a very crabby/tired/teething/sick Lindsay – she brought it up again. She said she wanted to make care packages for the homeless, just like we did for the flood victims, because they needed care too.

Of course they do!

My heart just about popped when she said it, because she’s just too sweet sometimes.

So off we went to the Dollar Tree again, and in what felt like a moment of deja vu, we bought enough supplies to make three “care packages” — little plastic tubs filled with personal hygiene supplies. We geared them towards women, because we had to pick scents…and honestly because I felt more comfortable having her hand them out to females.

IMG_7932 IMG_7933 IMG_7935

We went shopping Saturday after the wedding and placed all three bins in our car. Then we waited for the right opportunity to pass them out.


I’m not going to say I thought this task would be super easy (we generally don’t frequent many places with a large population of homeless people), but we see enough of them around (in front of grocery stores, at gas stations and downtown) that I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult.

I was wrong.

We tried on two separate occasions – the only two that naturally presented themselves over the three day weekend – to give away a care package. Both times we were met with metal illness and a situation I’d rather not explain to my emotionally sensitive child. Thankfully the first time I heard what the lady was saying before we got close enough for Claire to hear. And the second time I was much more aware and was able to avoid another inappropriate encounter.

Needless to say, we were highly unsuccessful.

I’m considering taking the care packages with Claire to the women’s shelter instead of directly to a homeless individual, but we are going to keep them in the car another few weeks and see if the right kind of situation presents itself.

If you have suggestions, please comment, call, text or facbook us 🙂