Last week was kind of a crazy one around here, but it was crazy full of giving too!

  1. On Monday we went shopping after I got off work, and Claire donated to half a dozen change boxes along the way — did we take pictures? Nope. My phone’s memory was full 😏
  2. On Tuesday, we finally found a homeless women who looked more approachable for Claire, but we didn’t have the boxes…or my camera phone, but we did give her $10.
  3. On Wednesday, I loaded all my photos to the computer and freed up some space…but, we didn’t go anywhere. Claire DID give though, she gave her friends some Disney Infinity figures she bought for them at a yard sale over the weekend. (Paulina was very excited and when Claire gave it to her she said, “yay for giving!!!” It was pretty adorable.) Did we take pictures with my newly cleared phone? No, no we did not.
  4. On Thursday we failed altogether… no photos, no giving.
  5. On Friday, Perfectly Posh announced that our start up kits were half priced for 24 hours. (Only $50 to start a business!) I was pretty blown away and told Claire that it was amazing to offer moms (and everyone) a chance to work at home and earn money while being with their kids. I didn’t really expect a response other than, “yep.” but she surprised me by asking if we could “give someone the business” as our weekly giving. I of course thought this was a brilliant idea — for a bunch of reasons…mainly because I adore Posh and the fact their products are so well made. But, it turns out, Posh doesn’t allow you to “gift” the business. Sooo we gifted some lucky lady we LOVE $50, plus tax and shipping lol and she joined. Did we take pictures? Nope. Wasn’t possible.
  6. On Saturday and Sunday we cleaned the house, went to Ikea, built a bunch of stuff, gave away chicken & duck eggs, harvested some lettuce and pretty much tried to survive. …did we take pictures? YES! But not of Claire giving.

So there you go. We gave. We didn’t document. We DID have fun. We plan to do better next week. 😝

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