Earlier this week, Claires favorite Gator, Claude turned 21. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Claire is WILD about alligators. Even her nails are painted gator green, lol.) Although she wasn’t able to visit Claude on his birthday, she still wanted to go say, “hi!”😀

She also really wanted to buy a plushy version of him to take home…she’s been saving her Sonoma County Fair check for several weeks in anticipation of our next family trip to the California Academy of Sciences where he lives. And Sunday was the day!

And she went all out.


Not only did she choose to get herself a Claude to take home, but she bought 5 mini Claude’s to pass out to kids she met throughout the day.

img_8397 img_8395

She decided (all on her own) that she wanted to find happy kids, who weren’t having fits, that seemed to like Claude as much as she does.

The first two kids she approached thought she wanted to talk, and started showing her the awesome alligator. lol But when they started to leave I helped her call them back and she was able to give them her gift. Turns out they are from Germany and they really loved the gift of a “take home” Claude.

img_8440 img_8441

Next she picked a little boy who REALLY liked Claude, but didn’t speak much English. Luckily, after we explained to his dad that we were giving him the toy to keep forever, he was very happy. (He even came up to Claire later that day to tell “thank you,” and ask her what her name was. His name is Jeffery and his little smile made our day.)

img_8442 img_8443

After Jeffery we took a break and ate some food…because Lindsay was turning into an angry gator herself and needed a break.

Once everyone was feed we got back to giving — like immediately back to giving. Lindsay loves babies (she fails to recognize that she IS a baby), and she befriends them everywhere we go. So it wasn’t surprising at all that she left our little picnic and headed over to join another baby at theirs.

Claire liked this new friend too, and gave her a Claude to take home. Her family is local and were very impressed and excited about Claire’s giving.

img_8444 img_8445

The last person Claire picked was a little girl we ran into several times throughout the day, (at the touch tide pools and throughout the aquarium). She was a little scared of mini Claude at first — she hid behind her dad’s legs — but, after Claire showed her it squeaked she was much more into it.

img_8448 img_8446 img_8447

All in all it was a great day of giving, celebrating Claude’s birthday and having fun.

img_8400 img_8431

***Oh, And due to the fact that Lindsay had fallen in love with the mini gators…we needed up going back and getting her one too.

img_8429 img_8436