It’s that time of the year again. That delicious and dreaded time of the year, when every entrance and exit to your favorite grocery store is barricaded by Girl Scouts. And, if they don’t get you at the super market, they’ll come to your door. Or in my case, my daycare 🙂

Seriously, I adore Girl Scouts – and their cookies! Unfortunately our household has issued a strict sugar policy lately. (We aren’t banning sweets altogether, but we aren’t stocking them in the cupboard anymore either.)

Luckily, my little giver was all over a happy compromise. Even though WE couldn’t eat the cookies, we could still support the troops. And by “troops” I mean, the military AND the Girl Scouts. Claire is a former scout, and although she doesn’t want to be one anymore, she remembered how she earned a badge for selling the most donated boxes in her troop (16).

So now it’s her turn two help her friends, and give a sweet treat to someone serving over seas, a few locals too…and I don’t have to worry about sugar content and dentist bills. #BestDayEver

We ordered 2 boxes for the military and 2 boxes for the food shelter.

IMG_6250 IMG_6249