As the weeks pass by, Claire’s desire to give just keeps growing. It’s an amazing thing to see, and I couldn’t be prouder…but, it’s getting expensive lol. Between her commitments to 4h, the cost to up-keep her many pets, AND giving, we are running low on cash. So today, in an effort to help fund her interests and future projects we had a yard sale.

Claire helped run the sale and she even donated some toys to the pile.

About halfway through the day I realized it might be a bit early in the season for a yard sale. Not many people were out — and Sunday’s are always slower than Saturday’s. But we were able to raise a little money, AND best of all we were able to give to a cause WHILE trying to raise money to help out.

A women named, Iris came to our sale looking for baby clothes to send to a relief effort in Fuji. Earlier this week, Cyclone Winston hit the island nation of Fuji and killed at least 17 people.  Clean up efforts are underway, but they still need help to recover from the Category Five super-storm. We told her to take as many things as she wanted free of charge. She was so grateful and Claire was really excited to help out. 🙂

Later that same day we were at the pet store and Claire spotted a donation box for the Fawn Rescue. She asked if she could use some of her yard sale money to help the baby deer out. I told her it was her giving money and she could fund whatever projects she wanted. So of course she did 😉

***She donated again at the post office too, but I forgot to snap a photo. Mom Fail.

IMG_3767  IMG_3768  IMG_6253