Today we made our third trip to the recycling center. We’ve learned a few tricks along the way and we thought we’d share them with you…

  1. Always borrow a truck (old recycle stinks up the van). THANKS PAPA JOHN!
  2. Sort before you go. (Plastic, aluminum, green glass, brown glass & clear glass).
  3. Go mid day.
  4. There are zero lines if it’s raining 😋
  5. Use old garbage cans to collect your recyclables in. It helps reduce waste.
  6. If you are bringing in recycling, you might as well bring in your scrap metal and old cardboard too. (It’s free to recycle it.)

And above all have fun!

So far we have collected a little over $70 dollars. The first $20 went to buy a flock of chickens in week six and the rest has gone to Claire’s Hiefer International fund raiser.

WOOHOO for giving. WOOHOO for Claire!


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