The last two weeks have thrown me for a loop. Although Claire and I have been keeping up with our fitness activities the past 12 days, I haven’t felt like writing. (A rare thing for me.) Under normal circumstances, writing is like talking…and you can’t shut me up. — One day, I might write a blog post about what’s been going on, but for now I’m still processing my feelings.

With that being said… Here’s what we’ve been up to since the 9th…

IMG_3595 IMG_3597 IMG_3624 IMG_3619IMG_3623  IMG_3603
Lot and lots of walking as you can see. Walking to the park. Walking in the park. Walking to the library. Walking to froyo. Walking to the store. Basically if we weren’t home, we were out walking.

One glance at our family fitness challenge and it’s fairly obvious we should have called it our “90 day walking challenge”.

When it comes to our daily activity, I try to do what Claire wants to do…ok, not EXACTLY what she wants to do, or we’d be having a “cuddle up and binge watch animal planet challenge”. But, I do try to talk to her and see what she’s thinking and what she feels like doing on any given day. Honestly, this whole thing has just been about getting off the couch and having fun. So in that respect we are a success.

In the, 90 different awesome activities in 90 days respect…we’re totally failing. Not to mention, walking day in, day out is probably super boring to read about. So….for the remainder of our 90 days I will be doing weekly blog updates – as a recap.

Which should leave me more time to focus on our giving project updates. Which I’m pretty excited about.