A long time ago, in a lifetime far, far away I was a store manager at the mall. There weren’t many things I liked about that job, but one of the things that used to make me smile was the stroller brigade.

Each morning I’d arrive before the mall opened, unlock the store, and right there with me was this group of stroller pushing mamas. They weren’t at the mall to shop. They were there to walk. I’d watched them make lap after lap as I put out displays, dusted mannequins and folded endless piles of clothing. By the time the stores were ready open they were just leaving.

I found it amusing and kind of odd back then. I mean, why walk around an empty mall??? But today when Claire and I were left need somewhere to go walking, (I got off work late and the sun was down.) I remembered those mamas and inspiration struck.

It’s a safe, dry, well lit place. So, why not?

Turns out shopping, is why not!

We definitely got in more than 30 minutes of walking in the three hours we strolled around, but I can absolutely see the appeal of going while the stores are closed.

IMG_3245 IMG_3246

***P.S. My new shoes are adorable.***