People say, “it takes a village” and I whole heartily agree with that statement. Of course generally I’m speaking about needing my family and friends. But today I mean it quite literally.

We actually needed a village to complete our #FamilyFitnessChallenge…Montgomery Village to be exact.

Claire is highly motived by the promise of smoothies, book stores and art supplies. (Her brainwashing is complete folks.)

So I strapped Lindsay into her Tula sidekick and we braved a very sunny — but still freezing and windy — day. After a brisk 30 walk in the beyond chilly air, we escaped into our favorite shops and indulged in some serious browsing. Dave will be thrilled to know that we came home empty handed…we ditched the smoothie cups before we got home. We also added a few things to our wish lists, but there’s no harm in dreaming right?