I wouldn’t call today sunny, but it wasn’t raining either — which means Claire was already dreaming of summertime. In her reality (no matter how often I remind her spring comes next) summer is the season that immediately follows winter. She’s one of those anti-Thanksgiving folks that skips from Halloween to Christmas too.

In true Claire fashion she suggested we skip our fitness challenge today and lay in the grass instead. (You know, the grass it’s been raining buckets on for the last three days 😏) I countered her proposal with – taking and walk and looking for cloud shapes. “Lay in the grass” is Claire-speak for “look for cloud shapes” so I knew she’d agree.

We walked…rather slowly, around our neighborhood looking at all the different cloud formations and trying to find pictures.

Claire is excellent at this game and has a real eye for seeing whole scenes. Luckily I’m fairly childlike myself and my imagination plays well with hers.

We had a very enjoyable hour stroll. The babies strapped to my front and back liked it too.

“Casper the friendly ghost’s face” -Caire
A hand, waving “Hello”.