Does your family have a specific day of the week, where everything falls apart and nothing gets done??? No? Just our family? Cool.

But seriously, Wednesday’s are just plain crazy around here. Which of course means, nothing gets accomplished and take-out dinner is a must. I think Claire’s Emotion-O-Meter, is triggered by hell day, er…”hump day”. And for reasons I can’t understand she feels the need to ADD extra amounts of crazy to this already insane day.

This weeks “added crazy” was to go to Computer Lab at Sequoia…even though she already has Computer Lab at Matanzas later today!!! In like two hours, from now. But to avoid tears (and to get in our Family Fitness bright and early today) we walked to school at 9:00am so she could enjoy 35 minutes of typing.

***P.S. She’s not upset in these photos, she’s eating second breakfast. I know my kid well enough to pack 12 snacks for any walk lasting longer than ten minutes.***

IMG_3298 IMG_3299