People have debated nature vs. nurture for years…so I won’t get into my opinion on it, other than to say, Claire is my kid through and through. Wether it was in her DNA, or due to the fact we spend EVERY second together, she’s my “mini me”. (I guess the brainwashing was successful.)

Which is why she’d rather read a book than run a mile.

Today she started telling me her foot hurt and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to do her 30 minutes of exercise today. She also fake yawned a lot and even asked if it was time for bed…at 5:30pm. 😏

Needless to say, I realized I would be dragging my workout partner along if I didn’t think fast. (After all, the whole point of our 90 Days of fitness is to have fun together WHILE being active. Not just to be active.) So I put my thinking cap on, and thought about who Claire is.

She is MANY things lol, and most of them are fairly awesome — if I do say so myself — but, one of the things we’re working on improving, is her need to dictate everything you do while playing with her. If she’s the waitress and you ask about the specials, she will give you 3-4 choices…but, you better pick the one she plans on serving you. If you don’t, she’ll just keep saying they ran out of that option until you agree to eat the one she feels like cooking. (Actually, I could probably learn a thing or two from her.)

Anyway, I exploited her love of ordering me around, by letting her be my yoga instructor tonight. She was very excited and took her job very seriously.

Downward facing Claire
Upward Salute
Warrior II Pose – Claire style
Downward facing Claire – no hands


Butterfly Pose
Butterfly Pose, while petting cat





















We worked out, with her leading me through position for 10-15 minutes. When we ran out of poses she knew I suggested we watch the 30 minute yoga video we like. She agreed.

I was a very nice way to spend the evening and it go us both off our butts. Win, win!

IMG_3168.***Yoga is best done right after a shower, while wearing robes and Star Wars fleece pants. Just ask our cat.