I like to think that every family is a little nuts. Obviously ours is pretty nutty — probably nuttier than most. Heck, if I had to guess, I’d say we are 99% extra chunky Skippy peanut butter.

Despite this overwhelming percentage of crazy, I rarely share just how crazy it can get around here with the general public. But today is the day, folks.

It all started few days ago, about an hour before Claire’s bedtime. Our house was settling down for the night. I’d just cleaned the kitchen and was eagerly anticipating a bit of down time on the couch, when I made the mistake of looking at my Fitbit. I was 750 steps away from my goal for the day — even though we’d already completed our #FamilyFitnessChallenge activity (A yoga video).

So rather than go sit down with my family and watch Cinderella, I started jogging laps around my downstairs. On my second lap, my 9 year-old, Claire asked what I was doing. So I told her. She immediately jumped up to join the fun. (You know, because running laps around the house is sooo thrilling.)

My husband Dave got up too. But not to run. Apparently chilling on the couch made him cold and he needed to flip on the heater.

I, on the other hand, was working up a sweat. I’d already reached my step count but Claire wanted to keep going… which we did…only we were hot. So naturally we turned the “McCarthy Family Fun Run” into a clothing optional event.

For very obvious reasons we didn’t post photos of our second fitness activity of the day.

That brings us to today. I really should have seen this coming…both my girls are pro-nudity no matter the season. It shouldn’t have surprised me at all when I asked Claire what she wanted to do for our #FamilyFitnessChallenge today and she immediately responded –  “Naked Racing!”

After I stopped laughing, I agreed that we could. The point of our daily fitness challenge is “active fun” and what’s more fun (or funny) than running around your house in your underwear?

We highly encourage you to give it a try.