Well, we made it through a whole week without missing a beat. Which means we’ve spent over three and a half hours excising! As a family! And having a lot of fun too.

Honestly though, as fun as it has been, I need more than a few minutes everyday with my kid to make a difference in my overall heath,…and my elliptical has gathered dust long enough. Last night after our “naked fun run” around the house. I got into my PJ’s and finished cleaning up the house for daycare this morning, and just didn’t feel like I’d done enough activity for the day. So I slipped on my shoes (still wearing my nightgown) and ran a mile on the elliptical.

And you know what? I didn’t die.

For the last five years — ever since Dave bought that damn thing — I’ve been avoiding it. I’ve often claimed it’s trying to kill me because it’s a few models better than the one I asked for. (He thought he was doing me a favor, buying a better model…turns out better, is harder.)

But last night, as I ran/jogged/slid…glided??? What is that motion anyway?Who cares…last night as I “ellipticaled” my little buns off, while wearing my horribly attractive nursing nightgown and tennis shoes, I realized I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.

Today when it came time for our daily #FamilyFitnessChallenge activity, I kept that in mind. I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. And instead of just walking for 30 minutes as planned, I walked from noon-2pm. With my 19 pound daughter strapped to my chest.

Claire only walked for 30 minutes, and then she had to go to science lab & the library. But my mom and I kept going.

Best part? I hit my step goal at 1:30pm …. which means, no naked fun run for me this evening.

walk walk1