I have vivid memories of driving to my grandparent’s house when I was little. They only lived 45 minutes away, but to me it was an eternity. An eternity I spent staring out the car window listening to REO Speed Wagon or whatever my parents had in the radio.

It’s funny to me because our frequent trips to Tahoe (four hours away) never seemed as long and boring. I think that had a lot to do with my parents attitude towards the trip. Tahoe was pretty far and us kids were little, so they planned ahead to entertain us. We played car games or brought toys. But the trip to grandma & grandpa’s wasn’t far – in their minds – so we were on our on.

I try to keep eight-year-old me’s perspective in mind when I drive with my oldest daughter, Claire. She has ADHD Inattentive and is very easily bored. An iPad works wonders, but we try to limit screen time. Instead we end up playing an endless array of car games together.

When I was little it was the “alphabet game” (finding all the letters a-z in order) or the “license plate game” (looking for out-of-state plates). Because Claire and I play car games nearly EVERY single time we are in the car, we’ve branched out. I think she’s invented a least two dozen games, but her favorites are, “Mash-up” (were you take an animal and an object and mash the words, so a duck and a chair would be a dare…or a chuck) and “What If” (the players take turns thinking up crazy “what if” statements like, what if birds  could talk or what if cars drove themselves).

It is with that same attitude that I came up with today’s #FamilyFitnessChallenge activity. Instead of simply taking another walk…boring. We took a spontaneous, eye-spy, scavenger hunt. Which is just my complicated why of saying, as we walked we issued challenges to each a other. I’d say, “you need to find 4 stop signs.” And she’d say, “you need to find the number 7.”

It not only passed the time in a fun and new way, but the game had Claire giggling and asking to walk longer when I said it was time to head home. Two things Claire doesn’t generally do on our neighborhood walks (she prefers nature walks).

I think this game will become a regular thing on our walks…and maybe in the car too. She can add it to her ever growing pile of car games.

If your little one is as easily distracted (and their legs get tired as fast) as mine does, give this game a try. You can look for anything. Flags, shapes, cars (in certain colors or types), newspapers on the ground, leftover holiday decor, birds and anything else you can think of. And it’s adjustable for the age and skill of anyone playing.

Exercise and family fun at its finest!

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