I’m not even going to try an deny the fact that we combined  todays #FamilyFitnessChallenge (Day 6 0f 90!) with this weeks #Beyond25DaysOfGiving project (cleaning up the creek trails).

We are absolutely trying to better ourselves and the community this year, but let be honest….it’s Saturday, it’s raining, my feet hurt, and my FitBit claims my average nights sleep is only 5 hours and 8 minutes. This mama needs all the breaks she can catch.

So from 11:30am (yes, we were supposed to start at 11…) until 1:30pm we walked all over the creek trails picking up trash. We went down five sections and covered both sides of each section. Dave and my dad were even brave enough to climb down the really steep embarkments. Us ladies stayed on the trail, or on the more gentle hillsides.

Altogether we had four generations out cleaning trash. My grandparents (Jeanne & Ray), my parents (John & Debbie), my sister, Dave, me, baby Lindsey and Claire — who put the whole operation in motion.

She plans to get us all out there once a month. She calls us Claire Creek Clean-up Crew. Or C4 for short….you know, because we’re the bomb. 😂

But don’t be jealous. You can be the bomb next month when we go out again. Or better yet, clean up trash you find while you’re out walking, shopping or hanging out — and let us know about it. Claire LOVES getting feedback, and she would especially love to know what other people are doing to help.

Here’s some photos of our awesome good time…enjoy.


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